Meet Claire Quartel


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Creator of Living Now Events and Life Balance Coaching


A little background info 

I am a traveller, an adventurer, a freedom seeker, a beach and sun worshipper, an explorer of new possibilities, a nature lover and a very proud Mum. I have a lifelong commitment to and am totally passionate about health, wellbeing, and self-development. Through my work I have been fortunate enough to travel the world, visiting many countries years before they became frequented by thousands of tourists. I have also lived for several years in Australia (Melbourne & Perth), as well as many counties throughout the UK. 


My Work 

In 1989 I trained in Holistic Health, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Massage and Life Coaching. This was to change my life as I soon had a thriving and fully booked practice at a natural health clinic in South London. During this time I was also teaching Aromatherapy and Massage for two prestigious schools in London and Surrey. I eventually left the Uk to live in Australia where I taught Aromatherapy and Massage to Diploma level students. Fabulous years indeed!

After many years of travelling (professionally and personally), I decided it was time to put down roots and relocate to the beautiful English countryside. My dream was to live in an area of natural beauty which would nurture my 4-year-old daughter as she grew up. So, in 1997 I moved to Dorset, which is a stunningly beautiful county with some equally stunning beaches (beaches feature heavily in my life and I’m never happier than when I’m close to water).

In 2013, after many years of working as a Natural Health Therapist and Teacher of Aromatherapy and Massage, I launched Conscious Living Events in Dorset, with a commitment to ‘Bring the Best Speakers to the South’. My aim was to host high profile speakers, those who are leaders in the fields of self-development, health, wellness spirituality and business. It seemed that my intuition hadn’t let me down because just three years after the company’s launch I had hosted over 50 events with some very notable speakers. My guests, my team and I were in heaven!

In 2016 I passed Conscious Living Events on to my dear friend and long-term teammate, Clara Apollo, who I have to say is doing an outstanding job! This enabled me to move to the beautiful county of Devon where I continued with my mission to ‘Bring the Best Speakers to the South’ and launched Living Now Events. I am happy to say that this has also proved to be very popular with both guests and speakers alike.

I continue to host speakers, run my own Aromatherapy events and have a private practice which is focused on my work as a Life Balance Coach. A busy and very happy lady indeed!

If you would like to know more about Living Now Events, Aromatherapy workshops or Life Balance Coaching you will find all the info you need on selected pages within this website. Or, if you prefer, I am happy to chat to you in person. Feel free to check out my details on the contact page.

Claire Quartel x