• About Chrissie Astell

    Following a profound angelic ‘visitation’ in 1997 Chrissie’s wake-up call led her to dedicate her life to inspiring and guiding people towards their own personal transformation.

    Her background is grounded in nursing, particularly in A & E, practice nursing, then most recently, end of life care. (At the same time as raising her children and helping to run a busy transport company in the East End of London with her former husband).

    She started writing on the problem pages of Woman’s Own, with Claire Raynor, currently produces regular features as a ‘resident angel expert’ for both Soul & SpiritandSpirit & Destinymagazines and is the author and creator of several card-sets, home-study courses and five books including Discovering Angels, Gifts from Angels, andmost recentlySeven Steps into Angel Light, and The Guardian Angel Oracle (all published by Watkins).

    Chrissie is an ordained Celebrant, and former Chair of Trustees with the New Essenes. She’s a Spiritual Educator and Mentor with Spiritual Companions Trust, she holds a BA Hons in Comparative Religion (SOAS), a Cert. Ed teaching adults, and a PGCert awarded by Surrey University, in Spiritual Development and Facilitation. 

    Chrissie’s passion is to empower and facilitate others to deepen their connection not only to their personal spiritual impulse, but by embracing the phenomenal benevolent angelic presence surrounding each of us.

    She leads spiritual retreats all over the world, and was voted “Light Worker of the year “ by the readership of Kindred Spirit magazine in 2013.

    “One of the most highly qualified angel teachers I know, sharing well-researched information and spiritual practices in a holistic, loving and well-grounded way…” William Bloom


22nd June 10:00am – 17:00 pm (doors open 9:30 am)

Chrissie Astell

‘Solstice with the Angels 

This workshop will introduce aspects of working with the Angelic Realms in ways you may not have yet discovered.
Based on some of the established teachings from her courses, and using techniques and meditations developed over twenty years and from her latest book Seven Steps into Angel Light, Chrissie will take you on a wonderful journey of enlightenment and self-discovery.
At the end of the day we will have built a beautiful healing energetic connection to create a Solstice Ceremony of powerful Angelic Light and Love as a channel of peace and healing to ourselves and our wonderful Earth.
During the day you will also:
* Establish and empower your own personal connection to the Light of the angels. How does it actually work with YOU?
*  Practice down to earth methods of strengthening your techniques for grounding and protecting your own sensitive energies.
* Clear blocks resistant to your own healing.
* Deepen your understanding of the highest angelic connections with Master Jesus and Mary ‘The Magdelene’.
* Share and deepen your understanding of practical communions with the lesser known Angels of the Essenes from the Dead Sea Scrolls.
* Engage with the different powerful energies of the Great Seven Archangels for your own protection, inspiration, self-love, healing, clear communication, intuition and transformation.


About the venue

Dartington Hall

Totnes, Devon, TQ9 6 EL

Phone: 01803 847000

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