Spiritual Values Combined with Practical Action


So you’re ready to know more about the Coaching Journey & how it can support you to live the life you want? 


Who is the Coaching Journey for?

  • It’s for people who are willing to truly embody a do-whatever-it-takes attitude to making positive life changes


How do we start?

  • We start with a Deep Dive session where we dive deeply into you, your dreams, your desires and your life goals
  • We’ll revisit your past and examine the experiences that have led you to where you stand today
  • We’ll get specific on the things you’d like to change and the things you’d like to manifest
  • We’ll uncover your limiting beliefs and the fears that stand between you and the life you want to live
  • We’ll identify your vision and create goals to map out your coaching journey


What happens in the Coaching Journey?

  • You’ll spend time at home completing an in-depth questionnaire, answering thought-provoking and powerful questions which will help direct our work together
  • We’ll meet, talk on the ‘phone, Skype, or a mixture of all three, for as many 1:1 sessions as you require
  • We’ll work within a time-frame which suits you and your individual needs. Some clients only need 6 sessions over a period of 3 months, others choose to work with me for 6 months or more
  • Throughout the Life Coaching journey we will work fiercely and passionately together, supporting you to live YOUR ideal life



  • If you are ready to embark on a journey of empowerment and positive life changes and are fully committed to doing what it takes to achieve your goals, then its time for us to connect
  • Drop me an email with your contact details and I’ll get in touch to arrange a time where we can have an informal chat
  • Please remember, there is no commitment on your part. I am happy to chat and give you all the space you need to decide for yourself whether this powerful process is the one you are looking for
  • I’ll get back to you within 24 hours when you email me at: clairequartel@outlook.com


My background

I have worked in the field of Natural Health Therapies for over 20 years, specialising in Stress Management, Life Coaching, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Therapeutic Massage and Deep Relaxation TechniquesDuring my time as a practitioner I also had the pleasure and privilege of being a Tutor of Aromatherapy & Massage for two prestigious international training schools, teaching these subjects extensively in London and Australia (where I lived for five years), to hundreds of students from beginners to Diploma Level. These days I have a private practice which is now entirely devoted to my work as a Life Coach and running wellbeing events where I host high profile speakers who are leaders in their fields.