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    Perhaps best known for my TV presence and being a Hay House author, my psychic and spiritual connection gifts were activated when, in adulthood, a near-death experience allowed me access to other worlds and powers available to us in our universe.

    On reflection, these abilities were clearly trying to make themselves known consistently from my early childhood as I experienced many communications with souls that had passed.

    Since then I have been on a mission to help others tap into their own innate powers and walk their own spiritual pathway with confidence. I combine a lovingly cultivated treasure trove to help you achieve this via my writing, workshops and private client services which includes but is not limited to:

    • Past life regression - Connect back with your soul’s memories from another life to help show you the way forward today

    • Qabalah - Through accessing the Tree of Life, explore your place in divinity and better understand your soul’s ascent

    • Tarot - Allow your guides and your higher self to show you the wisdom that will serve you most through this unique card system

    • Astrology - Your chart holds insight almost beyond compare. Let the planets and Astro alignments unique to your birth reveal to you what your soul longs for you to know in this lifetime, and learn how your unique traits and characteristics can be harnessed for your highest good

    • Samsara Om - Meaning ‘I continuously flow’ and recognizing the ever-changing journey we’re all on, Samsara Om is my classroom and community and allows you to connect with like-minded souls as well as study topics and themes to help your own spiritual pathway.

20th January 10:00am – 17:00 pm (doors open 9:30 am)

David Wells

‘Past Lives – A conversation with your Eternal Soul’


TV personality and Hay House author, David is a leader in the field of Past Lives

Who were you, what did you experience and who with?

Why do you feel drawn to certain countries, foods even?
Is time linear or is it something more multi-dimensional?
What does that mean for you?
Your soul holds information that’s meant to be used, it wants to help you make sense of this incarnation, in the here and now. It also remembers your past lives, the lessons you’ve learned, the ones you repeat and ones you no longer need in your life. And what about habits you no longer need, old wounds you still wear, memories you still hold centuries on.
Extend that to those you move through this life with, your soul group, see support even amongst the most difficult personalities and you begin to piece together a clearer picture of why you’re here and the real reason other people are in your life.
In this highly interactive day, David will help you deepen that connection, help you listen to the wisdom it holds, using lots of creative visualisations and a very simple soul channelling technique. You will move through the worlds of your past lives into a deeper soul connection and up to the spiritual connection waiting for you to make better sense of the world you live in.
Combining his astrological, past life and Qabalistic knowledge David will show you not only how you can listen but help you to make sense of the process and offer takeaways for you to continue investigating.



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Holne Park House

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Ashburton, Devon, TQ13 7NP

Phone: 01364 655918



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