Firefly Gems


Exquisite solid silver designs set with genuine, high quality gemstones 

Firefly gemstones are sourced from exotic, world-wide locations including Madagascar, Brazil, Pakistan, Africa, Afghanistan, Pacific Ocean, Australia, Canada, Mozambique, Russia, India and…. I could go on. I take great pride in the unusual and exquisite designs of my jewellery which is hand-crafted by a small artisan company in Bali.  Each gem holds its own unique and very special vibrational story too. I always offer key words to give you an idea of the energy of the stone. Of course there is so much more to learn about the special energies of gemstones if you feel drawn to doing so and there are many books available on this subject. I highly recommend ‘The Crystal Bible’ by Judy Hall, which holds a wealth of fascinating information on just about every gem you can imagine.


For jewellery enquiries and purchases or questions please email Claire Quartel at clairequartel@outlook.com