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    Julia McCutchen is an intuitive coach, mentor and the author of two books including, Conscious Writing: Discover Your True Voice through Mindfulness and More (Hay House).

    After a life-changing accident in 1999 that triggered a deep awakening, Julia left a successful career as an international publisher of books on timeless wisdom to forge her own path.

    Her core teaching draws on Conscious Writing, Living and Leadership to guide people to discover their authentic voice, unlock their creativity and transform their life to live in alignment with their soul. Her speciality is to bring intuitive insight to her work with individuals and groups to reveal their true purpose and provide the clarity they seek.

    Julia has led transformative workshops, retreats, courses and classes for many years, and has been a speaker for events such as the Hay House World Summit.

    She has had articles published in numerous magazines including Psychologies, Natural Health, Conscious Lifestyle and Kindred Spirit. 

    Julia writes a weekly Conscious Writing for Creative Living blog at www.JuliaMcCutchen.com/blog.

    For more information and a free series of Conscious Writing videos, visit www.JuliaMcCutchen.com

12th May 10:00am – 17:00 pm (doors open 9:30 am)

Julia McCutchen

‘Discover Your True Voice through Conscious Writing’

Reconnect with your true self to write from your heart with the voice of your soul and express your deepest calling consciously, creatively and authentically.

Writing is an integral part of contemporary life. Emails, texts and social media posts are essential ways to connect with family, friends and colleagues.

Add in the impulse that millions of us have to write blogs and books, plus the requirement to write website copy and business communications of all kinds, and no wonder we’re actually writing more than ever before!

Information overload is a real challenge right now. So how do we stand out from the crowd and ensure our voice is heard?

The answer is to write from your heart with the voice of your soul for truly authentic communication.

Conscious Writing is a holistic and transformative approach to discovering your true voice by learning how to write from the eternal part of you that is naturally creative and fundamentally free of judgment and fear.

In this experiential workshop, you will:

  • Find the clarity you seek through uplifting creative exercises and guided practices.
  • Align your head with your heart, body and soul to bring your whole self to the creative writing process.
  • Transition into conscious flow, and feel the ideas and words flowing through you rather than coming from you
  • Visit the Conscious Writing Sanctuary, a powerful inner space where you write in a way that reflects the real you.
  • Be delightfully surprised by the discoveries you make regarding your real purpose as a writer and in life.

Feedback from previous workshop participants:

“I am truly inspired, a very profound experience. Touched me on a deep level, and I was amazed at how much my writing flowed.”
“I feel blessed to have been shown the way to connect with my deeper self and write from my heart. Thank you for such a deep and transformative experience.” 

“Brilliant – just what I needed. It opened up material for the book I’ve been sitting on for 10+ years! Excellent on every level.


“If you have a message to share, read this book!”

Mike Dooley, creator of Notes from the Universe and New York Times bestselling author



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