• About Juliet Diaz

    Juliet Diaz, is a hereditary witch from a long line of witch healers from Cuba.

    She is indigenous Taino and her practice revolves around Earth medicine and Magick.

    She is the owner of November Sage Apothecary & and the online school Tierra Sagrada. 

    Juliet is a healer, seer, herbalist, and mother.

    Known as the Witch healer, Plant Whisperer for her abilities as a natural healer and gift of communicating with plants, trees, nature spirits.

    Juliet was born extrasensory and comes from a long lineage of witch healers.

    Signs of her natural gifts like healing, energy reading, communication with spirit & other realms shined through at the age of 3.

    She believes Magick lives within us all.

    She feels passionate about bringing truth to this mundane world and inspiring others to step into their truth.

29th September 10:00am – 5:00 pm (doors open 9:30 am)

Juliet Diaz

‘Embrace Your Inner Witch’

Embrace Your Inner Witch workshop is based on the best selling book ‘Witchery’ by Juliet Diaz, published by Hay House.
Juliet will be taking you on a journey of self magickal empowerment. Teaching the real foundations that are are necessary for REAL, POWERFUL, AUTHENTIC MAGICK. The Magick that comes from within, from your truth, and purpose. 
Magick isn’t like the magic on TV, it is a power within us all that we are all capable of honing, but only IF WE DO THE WORK.

Juliet works on the root of your magick, which deals with healing, self-love, inner truth and MAGICKAL ROOT WORK before getting into the spells and magickal workings…. Why?

Because your Magick will not work or will not work at its fullest potential if you don’t work on FINDING YOUR TRUTH. Your truth will align you with Inner Magick, a power that will change your life in ways you have always desired.

Juliet teaches you to create your own craft/practice, create your own spells with confidence, and embody the Witch in all her glory. Based on ancestral medicine and Magick – Earth Medicine & Magick. It is not Wicca. It is not any religion. It is for ALL Witches, healers, mystics, light-workers, sacred beings.. it’s for beginners and experienced. All are welcome.


What does the day hold?

Part One – Root Work

Part Two – The Craft Unveiled

Part three – Practical Magick

Part Four – Hands on Magickal Workings

End – Practicing responsibly



About the venue

Dartington Hall

Totnes, Devon, TQ9 6 EL

Phone: 01803 847000