• About Mel Collins

    Mel Collins is an Author and qualified Psychotherapeutic Counsellor, Spiritual Healer, Reiki Master, Intuitive and Angelic Channel who now runs workshops, courses and talks about HSPs (as well as various spiritual topics, including the Journey of the Soul, Angels and the Divine Feminine: The emergence of the Magdalene energies).

    Mel also studied extensively under the late Jungian Psychotherapist Dr Roger Woolger in Past Life Regression and Spirit Release work. Before her work as a former counsellor, specialising in HSPs, she worked in Her Majesty’s Prison Service – including eight years as a Prison Governor.

    Being innately sensitive in a challenging prison setting has given her an incredible learning experience and basis for developing practical coping strategies for managing certain aspects of the HSP trait.

    She appeared on the Jeremy Vine Show on BBC Radio 2 in March 2018 discussing HSPs, and she has since received widespread interest in her work from both consumers and the press alike, including Radio 5 Live and the Daily Mail.

    She has been featured in numerous magazines including Natural Health, Soul and Spirit, Spirit and Destiny, Kindred Spirit, OmTimes and In the Moment.

    Her book ‘The Handbook for Highly Sensitive People’ was published in January 2019 by Watkins Publishing, and will be translated into seven other languages to date.

    Mel’s passion is to help HSPs live more authentically and to reframe sensitivity from being seen as a flaw or weakness to a gift and a strength.

    ‘We can get relief by understanding our high sensitivity and by learning to view it as a gift rather than a flaw – which is where this great book comes in. Thank you, Mel, for writing about it, and for coming on my radio show and changing the lives of so many of my listeners.’ Jeremy Vine, BBC Radio 2 broadcaster and journalist.

26th October 10:00am – 17:00 pm (doors open 9:30 am)

Mel Collins

‘Highly Sensitive People – Embracing the Gifts of Sensitivity’

“Transform feeling overwhelmed and frazzled to empowered and fulfilled.”

Are you highly empathic and a deep thinker? Do you process emotions more deeply and for longer than others seem to do? Do you have healing or psychic abilities or have a strong affinity with animals, nature or crystals? Are you able to pick up on subtleties that others are unaware of? And do you get affected by environmental and sensory stimuli, such as crowds, too much noise, smells or EMFs from things like wi-fi, computers, mobiles etc and need to withdraw on a regular basis? If you do you may be an HSP.

One in five people are born with the trait of high sensitivity (This innate temperament trait is also known as sensory processing sensitivity, because of the depth of sensory, environmental and information processing that happens within the biological nervous systems and brains of Highly Sensitive People) But the general lack of awareness about this trait and appreciation of sensitivity in our society leaves too many HSPs struggling in this non-sensitive world.

Based on her book ‘The Handbook for Highly Sensitive People’, this workshop offers a complete mind, body, spirit perspective about being Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) and helps you to discover if you are one. It will also offer practical strategies to manage certain aspects of the trait including:

* Learning how to protect your energy so you stop being an empathic sponge or taking on other people’s energies.

* The importance of grounding.

* Coping with over-arousal when there is too much sensory stimulation.

* Using EFT to deal with overwhelm and to optimise emotional health. (Emotional Freedom Technique which is also called ‘tapping’)

* The importance of self-love

* Meditation exercises to help you access your own inner guidance and to call on the unseen help around you.

* Learn how to thrive and not just survive as an HSP

Extract from the forward of HSP Handbook “This book is a major contribution to the subject of intuitive sensitivity and its relationship to the evolution of human consciousness. It provides an insightful and instructive understanding of this profound subject and the various other experiences that often accompany it. Filled with a rich assortment of helpful tools, it is a must-read.William Meader, USA author, international lecturer and teacher of esoteric philosophy



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