Chrissie Astell 'Solstice with the Angels'

Thank you, Claire, for all your hard work and hospitality at the magnificent Darlington Hall, for the Solstice Angel workshop. It was a pleasure to meet you, and your lovely assistant Kelly. Your care and attention in getting the room ready in this stunning venue left me to relax among the trees and focus on the day ahead, in preparation for a lovely workshop experience. The accommodation you organised for us at the Cott Inn (when Darlington was filled with wedding guests), was superb, just as you said! Love and abundant blessings to you, until we meet again, Chrissie xx

William Bloom 'How to Lead and Teach Meditation'

Thanks so much, Claire, for your impeccable organising and hosting. It was a delight to work with you. Your team was also hugely supportive and the participants fully engaged. A great event. I would love to work with you again.

Sophie Bashford 'Goddess Masterclass'

Once again, I found all of Claire's organisation for my event to be impeccable, leaving me to give an intensive day's work without worry for all the details. It was a warm and responsive group that Claire had gathered for me, and a joy to be back in Dartington!

David Wells 'Past Lives - A Converstaion with your Eternal Soul'

I love doing events where both the organising team and the guests are so very, very engaged in the whole day. Enthusiasm and attention to detail make such a difference not only in helping the speaker feel relaxed and able to give their best but also in creating the right energy for the whole day from the off. It's never a flustered start with Claire and her team and a special thank you to Ruth who helped things run as smoothly as they did, enabling me to deliver the workshop worry free. The staff at Holne House were also very quiet when setting up breaks and keeping the wonderful log burner going
on such a spectacular cold, crisp Devon morning. 

Sika 'Sound Journey'

Claire has once again produced a full house of committed souls for my Sound Journey. It was a powerful night at Dartington Hall. What a beautiful room it is too. I am very grateful to Claire, Ruth and her professional team. Much love and blessings. Sika

Sophie Bashford 'Pioneers of the New Dawn'

From start to finish, I adored working with Claire. All the details were beautifully handled so I could have the blissful experience of focusing purely on delivering my work - something that any facilitator, particularly of energy and intuitive work, will understand the value of. I felt tired after a long journey to Devon but my spirits were instantly lifted to be in the wondrous setting of Dartington Hall (whose staff are impeccable) and being able to relax in the super-comfortable bedroom Claire had booked for me. On the day of my workshop, Claire's team, Suzi & Lisa, were exceptional event hosts who supported all my participants with great kindness. I could truly put all my energy into giving my work because I was so well looked after. I very much look forward to working with Claire and her team again. All my Love, Sophie x

Nikki Slade 'The Golden Life of Chanting'

I highly recommend Claire Quartel's events. She was extremely enthusiastic, helpful and meticulous in her promotion and attention to every detail from start to finish. In her hosting she is hugely welcoming  and takes enormous trouble to ensure the speaker is well cared for throughout. She also organised extremely lavish accommodation for me in the west wing of Darlington Hall.

Davina Mackail 'The Path With Heart'

Deep gratitude to Claire and her partner Ruth for providing a seamless workshop experience in a stunning venue.  Well worth the journey to be so well cared for by Ruth and her team. The real treat for me was having someone manage my shop so I could fully concentrate on delivery – an unexpected and very welcome bonus!  The stunning grounds and gardens of Dartington Hall were a real pleasure, and everything was smooth, professional and seamless – what more could a presenter ask for! Much love Davina

Beth Kempton 'Freedom Seeker'

Claire's organisation was perfect, and the venue was dreamy. Claire's hosting team were all super helpful and welcomed everyone with open hearts. Perhaps most importantly, Claire gathered exactly the people who needed my workshop and we had a transformative day together. Being able to spend time in nature in the stunning grounds of Dartington Hall took the experience to another level for all participants, and I left feeling honoured and grateful. - Beth Kempton

Sika Deer 'Sacred World Music - Sound Journey'

Hi Claire. Thank you very much for hosting the event at Dartington Hall. It is a really lovely venue and was the perfect size for the numbers we had. I felt the evening was a total success. You were a fantastic person to work alongside and I respect the way you set and held the space so well. You repeatedly put on high quality, conscious, intelligent and inspiring events. I recommend your events and feel honoured to work with you.

Meggan Watterson 'Reveal'

It was ideal – a stunning location, and a team that supported my every need so that I could just do what I love to do most – REVEAL. Meggan Watterson

Rebecca Campbell 'Rise Sister Rise'

Thank you for gathering such a wonderful group of women for 'Rise Sister Rise' in Devon, Claire. It was such a great day and your team were so amazing. Love, Rebecca

Alexandra Pope - Red School

From our first connection with Claire we felt such a warm welcome, and that we were in well practiced hands when it came to having a workshop organised for us. As a facilitator there is nothing more wonderful that turning up at venue knowing all is taken care of and all you have to do is think about teaching. And what a venue it was...at the beautiful Dartington Hall, in the divine Devon countryside. Thank you, Claire, for the care and attention to all the practical details, for calling in a great group of women, and to the team for managing all the ‘stuff’ on the day including selling our books. We had a very powerful day. Alexandra Pope

Tim Freke 'Deep Awake'

My evening presentations with Claire and her team have have been truly magical. Claire Quartel is the perfect host because she creates a wonderful, warm environment and makes sure that the practical side of things works properly so that everyone can relax and enjoy the event. It is great when someone pays careful attention to all the little things that make a big difference. Big love T!M

Yasmin Boland 'Full Moon - Forgiveness and Gratitude'

Loved doing my event with the lovely Claire Quartel. She was patient, well organised and fun to be around! I hope we can work together again in the future. I also loved my brief visit to Totnes and especially meeting the wonderful workshop participants.

Jamie Catto 'What About My Christmas Presence?'

Claire Quartel runs the juiciest, tastiest, most delicious events in the Devon area. I love being a part of her warm family. - Jamie Catto

Diana Cooper & Tim Whild '12 Steps to Enlightened Mastery'

Claire has truly found the perfect spot for hosting high powered and well organised events. Tucked away in scenic Devon, Dartington Hall was an amazing place to stay and the venue was truly stunning. Claire and her team were lovely, hardworking hosts and we cant wait for the next one! - Diana Cooper & Tim Whild

Rebecca Campbell 'Rise Sister Rise'

Claire Quartel is a wonderful host and gathers the most wonderful crowds. I absolutely love working with Claire and her team. I always leave feeling so looked after and grateful to be able to share my work with such lovely people. - Rebecca Campbell

Ross Bartlett 'Psychic, Mediumistic & Spiritual Development'

It's always a delight to work with Claire Quartel and her team. They are always organised and professional. They have a solid knowledge of spiritual matters themselves, and a good understanding of what spiritual events need in order to run smoothly and to be a success for those who attend. The combination of these always help to bring a safe, enlightening and efficient environment to all. Specifically to those who attend, their expertise help to give attendees a lasting and moving, memorable experience. I'm always happy to continue to work with Claire and her team in the future. - Ross Bartlett

Tracey Ash 'Manifesting Love'

As I write this several days after my Manifest Love event what strikes me is that Claire Quartel and her team have what is often impossible to achieve - & I work all over the world only at the best events: THE MAGICAL INGREDIENTS OF SERVICE, TEAM & COMMUNITY HELD IN A BIG, BIG HEART! You are doing amazing work! You are leading the way for the UK: it's a breath of fresh air just like your community: awake, intelligent, questioning & hungry for truth, light & authentic spirituality! These guys have it absolutely right! Wake up UK! This is the place to train with outstanding international speakers. - Tracey Ash

Charlie Morley 'How Lucid Dreaming Can Change Your Life'

"A lovely team to work with and a great crowd to present to!" With love and lucidity, Charlie Morley

Julia McCutchen 'Conscious Writing'

Claire Quartel has been an absolute delight to work with and stands out as one of my favourite Events organisers of all time! From the warm welcome of her invitation email through to her well-organised and pro-active approach to presenting and promoting my one day Conscious Writing workshop, she held a clear and positive space throughout. The excitement and enthusiasm of her team was matched by the room full of participants and we all had an extremely memorable day! It will be a pleasure to lead other workshops for Conscious Living Events in the future. In gratitude Julia x"

Lorna Byrne 'Connecting With Your Guardian Angel'

It's a great pleasure for me to say thank you to Claire Quartel for the wonderful events in Bournemouth and Devon she organised for me. She gives you such a welcome and makes you feel at home. It was my pleasure to work with her and her team. She is the captain of the ship, steering it in the right direction, lighting up everything ahead of her. Thank you Claire from Lorna and the angels. - Lorna Byrne

Diana Cooper & Tim Whild ‘Ascension with Dragons, Unicorns & Metatron’

Thank you so much Claire Quartel. You did such a wonderful job of organising our event on Sunday. The room in the hotel had a lovely energy and we had a special high frequency and light filled day. I look forward to the next seminar you organise for me!
May the angels bless all your seminars. Love, Diana

Mary Daniels 'Wild Awakening'

I want to say a big thank to Claire Quartel and the team and congratulate you all on the wonderful work you are doing.  I had an amazing evening and the vibe of the group was real and open, a real testimony of how well the space is held. Loved and it and would come back anytime. Lots of love.Maryxx

David Wells 'Soul Memories'

The care that Claire Quartel and her team give to speakers creates the perfect space and energy for us to work in, as a speaker it truly helps me give my best in that moment. That's what Claire is creating, the right space for both speaker and attendees to connect into the synchronicity of the moment, for the energy to flow perfectly. And as a resident of the south it's so wonderful to see such high profile speakers getting out of the London loop! David Wells

Kyle Gray 'Manifesting Miracles'

I had a wonderful time speaking and sharing the space with Claire Quartel and her team in Bournemouth. Claire is a great organiser and wants to do the best for everyone in the room. Her team all work closely together to welcome everyone to their seats and to hold the space for the speaker to share feeling safe and centred. I could see angels dancing all around us and it was a real pleasure to be speaking once again. Thanks for a great night. Kyle Gray

Tracey Ash 'Ancient Egyptian Celestial Healing - Source Codes for High Frequency'

Claire Quartel is a unique individual, spiritually authentic, who clearly loves creating events that matter to this very special community of hearts and minds on the South Coast. Something very special is happening here because of the integrity of all who create and attend and make these events so powerfully transformational! There is a rich sense of community, decency, generosity and sharing knowledge in quirky, deco period venues that delight! This is one definitely to travel to if you seek the highest quality transformational events outside of the usual! I love you CLE! The  UK is blessed to have you! Tracey Ash

Sika 'Sacred World Music - The Sound Journey'

Working with Claire Quartel and her team, is a dream. Respect and Kindness describe my experience of her, as she weaves through the public, creating magical events that inspire an upward spiral of positivity. Love, Sika.

Robert Holden 'Love Who You Are'

It was a joy to speak for you again, Claire Quartel. Your team made me feel so welcome and did a great job. You have created a wonderful community. Be lovely to yourself. Robert Holden

Ross Bartlett 'An Evening With The Earth Angel'

Claire Quartel ticks all the boxes as an organiser. She is friendly, passionate and organised. It was a refreshing change to work with an organiser who seems to really care about the event not just from a financial standpoint, but also from a spiritual one as well. She is possibly the nicest host I have worked with and certainly up there with the most organised. The venue itself was nice, and the room was what I consider to be the perfect size for many events, allowing for a good degree of connection between the speaker and audience. All round great stuff. Ross Bartlett

Rebecca Campbell 'Work Your Light'

Claire Quartel is creating something really magical with her events. I felt so looked after and the venue was really gorgeous. The audience was absolutely open and ready to create some serious shifts. Claire's intention and ability to hold a healing space helped me feel supported so that everyone could get the most out of it. This is such an important element when doing events. I am so looking forward to coming back and working with Claire again and will be encouraging anyone I know who lives nearby to get to a Conscious Living Event. - Rebecca Campbell

Ann Wilson 'Create A Financial Feast In Your Life'

Claire Quartel and her team created an incredible opportunity for me to share my message. The service she provides to her audience and the speakers she connects them with are magic. The venue for the event was fantastic and created a very connected space. Thank you Claire for all you do and for giving me the opportunity to share with your wonderful audience. I can't wait to be back! Much love, Ann.

Lorna Byrne 'Learning To Love Yourself More - How The Angels Can Help'

"Lorna Byrne held her first event with Claire Quartel recently. It was a brilliantly organised event which was sold out well in advance. Claire was a joy to deal with - professional and warm, and very concerned both to make sure her audience had a great event and that Lorna as speaker was happy. Lorna looks forward to doing future events with Claire and her team."  Jean Callanan, Agent to internationally bestselling author Lorna Byrne

DAVINA MACKAIL ‘Wisdom that Works ~ Shamanism for Living’

What a delightful evening Claire Quartel arranged.  She’s  a warm and wonderful host and the venue was great.  I felt deeply welcomed and looked after.  There was an excellent turn out of lively interested souls and the energy of the whole evening reflected the calibre of Claire’s intention and consciousness in organising these events.  She really is a woman on a mission to wake us up through providing an arena for speakers to share their wisdom and I can’t wait to be invited back! Much love. Davina


What a wonderful group of people! Amazing to see visible shifts and transformations happen in the space of a day. Blessings and best wishes Claire Quartel. Michael James & Tracy Friend

KARL DAWSON 'EFT & Matrix Reimprinting'

What better way to spend a cold Sunday in January that accepting an invitation from the lovely Claire Quartel to come and share my work with the wonderful people Claire attracts to her events. As a speaker it is a pleasure to have everything organised for you, a great venue, wonderful location overlooking the beautiful Bournemouth coast, overnight accommodation with a sea view and most importantly a packed room with a group of open, enthusiastic and passionate people who come to learn and enjoy new experiences. Thanks again Claire for all you do to make these days so memorable.

TIM WHEATER 'Music, Magic & Mantra'

Claire Quartel and her team provide an awesome service both to the public and their individual speakers. The setting for the events is always magnificent, as is the accommodation provided by Claire. On my two memorable visits I have been accommodated in a luxury room with splendid sea views. Such is my appreciation to her and the wonderful participants that attend, I cannot wait to return and join with them again. Thank you Claire, most sincerely.

DAVID WELLS ' A Journey Into Past Lives'

A wet and wild night didn't dampen the spirits of a wonderful group of people who turned out for my Past Life event. Claire Quartel and her team made sure the room was looking lovely and felt welcoming, her natural exuberance and integrity settled me in from the off; so important. Of course I also know how hard Claire works in getting her events out there so it's not all about the evening itself, and then she does just as much when you've said your farewells with social media reviews. From the idea to the execution of it, Claire and her team are a joy to work with.

CATE MACKENZIE 'Opening Your Heart To Love'

I have worked for many organisations and I must say that Claire Quartel is genuinely top at what she does. She is elegant, authentic, beautiful, thoughtful, kind and gracious, takes care of every detail and makes everything run smoothly in the style of a wonderful hostess and I was delighted by my experience with her. She booked the most divine pink and gold room I could ever have imagined which enhanced my talk on love and created a warm and relaxed atmosphere. Claire also has a real gift for matching speakers with the right audience. My workshop was about opening your heart to love and the people who came were ready to do that and were one of the best groups I have ever worked with, offering beautiful questions and thoughts. She also booked a divine and glamorous room for my partner Paul and I to stay in. After  this experience of such love, care and consideration and being with such a loving environment and people I felt absolutely renewed, empowered and energised and had new visions for my work.I now realise that this is the way I wish to work with co-creativity, kindness, love and collaboration. If you are looking for the best go for Claire Quartel! She's the one!

TIM VAN DER VLIET 'Spiritual Awakening - The Easy Way'

Speaking at Claire Quartel's events feels as if you are coming home. For a speaker it is important that the environment is relaxed, positive and preferably loving. Claire and her team created the perfect atmosphere for a great workshop and a great evening. The crowd was very diverse and engaging. Such a good vibe, words aren't enough. Thanks Claire! I hope to work together again soon.

JAMIE CATTO ‘Transforming Shadows’

So blissful to do an event with Claire and her team, always smooth, fun, and impeccably carried off by the utterly graceful and spiritually avant garde, Claire Quartel.

Jamie Catto

SIKA 'Music Medicine'

It was an absolute pleasure to work with Claire Quartel and her team team and to co-create my 'Sound Medicine Journey' in Bournemouth. From beginning to end, the attitude of Claire Quartel was completely positive and enthusiastic. On the night, she remained calm and clear, attending to all details with a natural grace. I highly recommend Claire as a promoter of higher consciousness events.


I very much enjoyed speaking in Bournemouth. Claire Quartel is a wonderful host and clearly very passionate about sharing insight and inspirational with all of the beautiful souls living in Dorset and Devon. Every moment of the experience was magnificent.

Sandy Newbigging

PEA HORSLEY ‘Animal Communication’

In Devon and Dorset I met some truly wonderful animal lovers who engaged with animal communication with such passion. It was a great pleasure to facilitate my workshops in the South West and an added bonus that they were both completely sold out! Thanks so much Claire Quartel and good luck with all your upcoming events.

Pea Horsley

BAREFOOT DOCTOR ‘Mechanics of Enlightenment’

I’ve done a lot of talks. No matter how on form I’ve been on the night the atmosphere created in the space by the promoter has always been crucial to achieving a real, deeply-felt connection with the audience. And the atmosphere Claire Quartel created at an event I did in Exeter was unsurpassed for warmth and genuineness. She’s proper top notch.

The Barefoot Doctor

ANNA HUNT ‘Shaman in Stilettos’

A wonderful evening in Bournemouth that I thoroughly enjoyed. We had a full house of interesting and engaged people who asked fantastic questions and gave inspiring feedback.  Thank you, Claire Quartel. I’m looking forward to returning.

Anna Hunt

BECKY WALSH ~ ‘You Do Know’

Claire Quartel works so hard to put of life changing events and she does so perfectly with heartfelt integrity and love. I had a wonderful time at Conscious Living Events. An engaged and inspired audience surrounded by a lovely hotel and so close to the beach on a wonderful on high vista view across the sea, I know this adds to the overall feel of the evening. Delightful! I also loved the addition of the radio interview and filming for Youtube, thank you so much.

Becky Walsh

TIM FREKE ~ ‘The Mystery Experience’

My experience speaking at Claire Quartel’s Bournemouth event was magical.  The organisation … the beautiful helpers … the open-hearted atmosphere.  We are one and when we come together with a common vision something special can happen.  That’s why Claire Quartel’s events are something special.

Tim Freke

ROBERT HOLDEN ~ ‘Loveabilty’

Thank you Claire Quartel and your team for being such great hosts. It was a pleasure to give a talk to a full house, and I look forward to coming again soon. I wish you every success in all you do.

Robert Holden

TIM WHEATER ~ ‘Music Medicine’

Claire Quartel and her team create a fantastic haven of inspiration for people. With world class presenters & a particularly comfortable venue, they provide a unique opportunity for growth. I loved my visit, everything was perfectly organised and the public attending were truly wonderful. I very much look forward to re-visiting. Thank you Claire for your vision and hard work.

Tim Wheater

KYLE GRAY ~ ‘Angel Whisperer’

Simply the best! Superb venue, excellent team and Claire is a wonderful organiser. Thank you for everything,

Kyle Gray

CHARLIE MORLEY ~ ‘Lucid Dreaming’

A vibrant and receptive crowd full of open minded souls! A very enjoyable event! Thank you Claire Quartel.

Charlie Morley

JAMIE CATTO ‘Full Body Listening’ –

Claire Quartel’s events are the new shining beacon of accessible and uplifting happenings of the South. Her events are both elegant and informal and create exciting and soulful experiences for all seekers.

Jamie Catto